Sedona Brunch Menu


  • Mimosa Special `

    Bottle of sparkling wine with one carafe of orange juice

  • Mimosa Glass

    Prosecco w/ orange juice

  • Bloody Mary
  • Juice Carafe

    Orange or Freshly-Squeezed Grapefruit

  • Brewed Coffee

    Cafe du Monde

  • Latte

    Espresso w/ steamed milk

  • Cappuccino

    Espresso w/ foamed mlk

  • Macchiato

    Espresso w/ dollop of foamed milk


  • Overstuffed Bacon & Eggs `

    House-smoked free-range deviled eggs, shaved celery, applewood smoked bacon, chives, smoked paprika

  • Preserved Meyer Lemon Hummus

    Roasted baby carrots, red chimichurri, lime salt, fresh cilantro leaves, warm pita bread

  • Avocado Fries

    Tempura-battered avocado, green goddess dressiness, chives, cilantro-lime salt

  • Buffalo Onion Rings

    King cut beer-battered onions, Pointe Reyes bleu cheese crumbles, house-made buttered hot sauce, buttermilk ranch

  • Wine Board

    Triple Cream Brie, Aged White Cheddar, Smoked Gouda, Country Ham, whole grain mustard, strawberry preserves, grapes, crostini

  • Twice-Fried Chicken Wings

    Five-spiced free-range chicken, sweet garlic crema, cilantro lime salt, green apple sticks, watermelon radish, pickled red Fresno chile, chipotle gastrique, mint & cilantro leaf

  • Maryland Lump Crab Cakes

    Heirloom cherry tomato & fennel salad, arugula, beech mushroom, green goddess dressing, preserved Meyer lemon vinaigrette

  • Spicy Tuna Eggroll

    Spicy tuna, five-spiced pineapple, avocado, cucumbers, sweet soy sauce, spicy aioli

  • Japanese Black Cod

    Chef Tin’s signature miso marinade


  • San Marzano Tomato Soup

    Blistered heirloom cherry tomatoes, garden basil, chives, wisconsin cheddar finger sandwich

  • Golden Beet Carpaccio Salad

    Herbed goat cheese, pickled red onions, walnuts, baby arugula, fresh strawberries, poppy seed dressing

  • Lemon Caesar Salad

    Romaine, sicilian oregano croutons, shaved parmesan, lemon caesar

  • Chopped Wedge Salad

    Heirloom cherry tomatoes, crispy onions, applewood smoked bacon, Point Reyes bleu cheese, buttermilk ranch


  • Hamachi Crudo

    Yellowtail, jalapeño, avocado, scallions, ponzu

  • Salmon Carpaccio

    Lemon pepper salmon, ponzu, avocado, pickled red Fresno chili, beech mushroom

  • Sesame Seared Tuna Tataki

    Pickled red Fresno chili, ginger dressing, crispy herb salad, black sesame


  • Balboa Roll

    Spicy blue crab, ahi tuna, cucumber, avocado

  • Catalina Roll

    Blue crab, cucumbers, topped w/ yellowtail, avocado, pickled red Fresno chili, shaved scallions


  • Yellowtail

    Shaved scallions, ponzu

  • Ahi Tuna

    Black sesame-seared, ginger dressing


  • Oysters on the Half Shell

    Smoked sherry vinegar mignonette, lemon, fresh horseradish cocktail

  • Tin's Dressed Oysters

    Ponzu, red tobiko, scallions, tobasco


  • Egg White Frittata

    Asparagus, aged white cheddar, heirloom cherry tomatoes, arugula, chives, crispy herb Yukon gold potatoes w/ lemon aioli

  • Classic Breakfast

    Two free-range eggs, two strips of applewood smoked bacon, crispy yukon gold herb potatoes w/ lemon aioli, sourdough toast, honey butter, strawberry preserves

  • Maryland Crab Eggs Benedict

    Lump crab cakes, two poached free-range eggs, sourdough toast, vine-ripened tomatoes, asparagus, hollandaise, crispy herb yukon gold potatoes w/ lemon aioli

  • Lemon Ricotta Soufflé Hot Cakes

    Blueberries, whipped honey butter, vermont maple syrup

  • Vine-Ripened Tomato & Avocado Omelette

    Beech mushrooms, wisconsin cheddar, chives, sourdough toast, honey butter, strawberry preserves, crispy herb yukon gold potatoes w/ lemon aioli

  • Knife & Fork Burrito

    Scrambled free-range eggs, applewood smoked bacon, yukon gold potatoes, wisconsin cheddar, sour cream, served w/ charred jalapeño, pico de gallo, guacamole, salsa

  • Carne Adovada Y Huevos

    Santa Fe-style smoked pork shoulder, two over medium eggs, cheddar cheese tostada, ranchero sauce, cilantro leaves, guacamole, pickled red fresno chilis, pico de gallo

  • BLT&E

    Applewood smoked bacon, arugula, vine-ripened tomato, two over medium free-range eggs, garlic aioli, brioche bun, crispy herb yukon gold potatos

  • Chicken Chilaquiles

    Pulled rotisserie chicken, two over medium eggs, home made tortilla chips, ranchero sauce, cheddar cheese, guacamole, pico de gallo

  • Jay Bird's Chicken & Waffles

    Choice of nashville hot or plain jay, free-range breast, buttered hot sauce, whipped honey butter, Vermont maple syrup


Served with bbq spiced hand cut fries, onion rings, or napa cabbage and apple slaw
  • Ahi Tuna Burger

    Sushi-grade yellowfin tuna, ponzu, whole grain mustard, ginger, scallions, napa cabbage & apple slaw, spicy sesame aioli, brioche bun

  • Swordfish Sandwich

    Grilled Pacific Swordfish, napa cabbage & apple slaw, garlic aioli, cilantro lime salt, guacamole, brioche bun

  • Little Havana Cubano

    Duroc pork shoulder, country ham, applewood smoked bacon, cilantro, five-spiced pineapple, gruyère cheese, whole grain mustard aioli, pickle

  • Jay Bird's Chicken Sandwich

    Choice of nashville hot or plain jay, napa cabbage & apple slaw, dill pickle, comeback sauce, brioche bun

  • Black Angus Sandwich

    Freshly ground creekstone farms short rib and chuck, gruyère cheese, arugula, tomato, dill pickle, roasted garlic aioli, brioche bun (add a fried egg at no charge)

  • Short Rib Sandwich

    Braised Angus beef, arugula, vine ripe tomato, point Reyes blue cheese, pickled red onion, garlic aioli, French bread